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Created in June 2012, Christmas Team Events is based in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, at Sonlez to be precise.

Christmas Team Events markets almost 200,000 Christmas trees throughout Europe.

It is supported by its 150 hectare Belgian production.

Ever since it was created the company has grown continuously.

In addition to the wholesale business from its production sites, its subsidiary Nature & Sapins is present and active in the MIN [Marché d’Intérêt National] of Rungis during the Christmas tree period.



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Christmas Team Events benefits from partnerships with several reliable specialist transport companies for France, the U.K. the Netherlands and Italy.

Don’t hesitate to call upon our expertise to work out and analyse your transport costs .

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Christmas team events s.a.

Rue Jean-Baptise Determe, 27 • L-9647 Sonlez • Luxembourg

Tel.: +352 26 95 40 50 | Fax : +352 26 95 40 52

Stéphan Lamby - Administrateur délégué

Tel.: +352 661 78 21 37

Cédric Gillain - Manager

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Abies Nordmanniana

Abies Nordmanniana, or Nordmann fir, is without a doubt the best-loved variety of Christmas tree. Nordmann alone accounts for 85% of our sales.

Available as a cut tree or container grown

Features :

Regular conic shape

Very good needle retention after cutting

Shiny dark green colour

Long, flat, soft needles which do not prick.

Sizes :


Available as a cut tree or container grown

Norway spruce

Picea Abies

Picea Abies, more commonly known as Epicea, is the ultimate traditional Christmas tree.

Features :

Colour: bright green

Pleasant resin odour

Attractive price

Sizes :


Available as a cut tree or container grown

Fraser fir

Abies Fraser

Abies Fraser, or Fraseri. This variety is highly appreciated in the United Kingdom and deserves to be given prominence in all good garden centres.

Features :

Like the Nordmann, it doesn’t lose its needles.

Dark green foliage with needles with silvery undersides.

Exceptional pyramidal shape obtained by means of periodic pruning throughout its growth

Pleasant lemony odour.

Sizes :


Available as a cut tree or container grown.

Noble fir

Abies Nobilis

The Nobilis, also called noble fir, is a highly prized variety for its atypical foliage and unique odour.

The Nobilis is one of our flagship products because it comes straight from our high quality  production in Brittany.

Can be supplied as bundles of branches.


Features :

Bluish-green colour

Good needle retention after cutting

Pleasant woody scent

Resistance to heat. Its branches are highly prized by florists and decorators

Sizes :


Available as a cut tree or container grown.

Blue spruce

Picea Pungens

Picea Pungens, or Pungens is characterised by its grey-blue foliage.

Features :

Bushy, spreading branches

Prickly tree but resistant to the weight of decorations

Supports the heat better than Epicea

Pine odour

Ideal for flocking

Sizes :


Available as a cut tree or container grown

Flocked fir

Produced from a Nordmann, Epicea  or Pungens fir, a flocked fir is covered simultaneously with water-based glue and short textile fibres to give it a snowy texture in the desired colour.

Very decorative, it is ideal for adorning your living room or for decorating halls, shopping malls, shop windows, etc.

Offered in fireproof or waterproof versions. This product is widely used by interior designers.

Features :

Various colours available

Sizes :



The pallets we use are in the dimensions 260 * 120 * 240 for cut trees and 220 * 120 * 240 for trees in containers or with root ball. This type of packaging is suitable for large quantities since up to 10 pallets can be loaded onto a full truck.

The + :

This type of packaging significantly reduces transport costs.

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Box pallet

Chiefly destined and ideal for mass marketing. We usually work with boxes in the following dimensions: 100 * 120 * 130. However, we can also offer boxes in different sizes.

The + :

In addition to being easy to move, the box offers an ideal presentation for logged trees, directly ready for sale.

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CC Roll

The CC roll is a Danish-type metal box on rollers. It is very useful for handling sales from a marquee in a car park.

The + :

Equipped with rollers, the CC roll greatly facilitates movements of trees.

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Used mainly for its ease of loading and unloading, this type of packaging is also used for larger-sized trees.

The + :

Suitable for all vehicle types, which is essential for deliveries in urban areas.

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